In our recent lesson, The Golden Bird Society, discussed what a LAN(Local Area Network) and a WAN(Wide Area Network) is.  We got to know some theory behind what  these terms mean. From a technical side we got to work with some of the equipment that makes these networks possible. For those who are not familiar with these terms here are some definitions:

Local Area Network(LAN) – this is a network the interconnects computers in a limited area like your home or an office network. Some examples:

Example of a LAN


  • Sun Valley Primary School’s network is a good example of a LAN network
  • Our new Wireless Cloud that’s being installed in preparation for Term 2, is also a good example of a LAN network as it will connect us to the SVPS network.


Wide Area Network(WAN) – this is a network that connects a broad geological area such as a connection that connects two businesses in different cities within South Africa. It can also extend to the connection that happens between companies in different countries. Some examples:

Example of a WAN

  • Our ADSL is a WAN connection as it connects us with a wide variety of web pages from all over the world.
  • Our Cellphones are connected to a WAN network as it provides connectivity to our phones in a large geological areal(All over South Africa)


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