This week, the Grade 12 Computer Applications Technology students’ were issued with their official Practical Assessment Task.

The IEB states:

The Practical Assessment Task (PAT) is an assessment of the learner’s individual interaction with information and the way in which he or she presents that information. The information will finally be presented in a number of documents to communicate a solution in an integrated manner.

This task consists of three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Task definition and information finding strategies
  2. Phase 2: Task 1 – Access information and determine the relevance, Task 2 – Use the information – Planning document.
  3. Phase 3: Task 1 – Use the information – Processing/analysis, Task 2 – Use the information – Final presentation/ synthesis.

This not only assesses the students’ ability to collect data and compile a report, it also covers all the practical components of the subject – word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation tools.


CAT PAT Assessment Tools (2012)
CAT PAT Task Guidelines (2012)

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