I heard a loud whirring sound as I climbed into the shiny, silver Time Machine. The grey-haired man at the wheel pressed a red button and my head began to spin. Suddenly we landed with a bump! We were back in time, back to the day when my grandma and grandpa were young! Slowly I opened the door and stepped out into the past. In front of me I saw my grandma and grandpa working hard. I followed them out to break. They played marbles. I also played marbles. After school we played Ingle, Angle Silver Bangle.  When we got home I was so thirsty. I went to the bathroom but there was no taps. There was only a pump. I pumped the water into a glass. For lunch we had pizza. I gobbled it up so quickly. Then we went outside to play Duck, Duck, Goose. When it was time for bed, I slept in the spare room. The next day we went to school. The teachers were very strict. When we did maths, a boy named Luke was naughty. So he got wacked on the bum with a stick. Soon the maths was getting too hard. So I tricked the teacher that I needed the bathroom. I then ran to my Time Machine and pressed the blue button. The Time Machine began to spin and twirl. I was back in the normal time.

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