The Girls set off bright and early this morning determined to play to the best of their ability. It was a beautiful day in Knysna and the team were blessed to the play at a stunning, picturesque ground.

The competition was incredibly stiff and we played against some of the top Girl’s Schools in the country.

Looking stunning in their new tour outfits

We played six games and in four of the matches we came very close to victory. Unfortunately, today, luck was not on our side. Mr Webster felt, that in many of the matches, one or two tiny mistakes cost us the game. These are mistakes which will be eliminated with experience.

Brand New Gazebo

Mr Webster giving a Team Talk

Tristan Jones took a terrible blow to the cheek and took a precautionary visit to the local hospital. Mr Solomons informed me that as soon as she got hit she asked “Can I carry on playing?” What an amazing, brave, fighting attitude.

The girls are home now and enjoying some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. All far too tired to go to the Water slides.

The team will be heading to Dinner tonight at Fishermans at the Knysna Waterfront.

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