Having taught in the Foundation Phase for 25 years I have not had much experience of outdoor education camps. Visiting with the Grade Six’s during their camp at Mizpah near Grabouw made me pause for thought.

The value of outdoor education became apparent as I watched the teachers and children participating in team building exercises, eating lunch and relaxing. The campsite is situated away from the noise and bustle of urban life. After a while the sounds of nature start to register and the stillness of the surrounding countryside settles on you. The opportunity to interact with peers in this unique environment also makes an impact. The carefully structured group work will assist the children to sustain effective relationships in the future as they are made aware of the needs and contributions of others. Learning to trust, care, show tolerance and accepting and giving support are all part of the experience.

I look forward to seeing the photographs of this memorable time away from school as soon as they are uploaded onto the website.

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