I've 'found' a Strandloper weapon

The Grade 4’s have been in the Intermediate Phase for four months and have settled in well with the work load of Grade 4. Our Theme for Term Two is  Animals and Plants of the Cape Dune System.

The end is in sight




The Grade 4’s hiked up to Peer’s Cave to learn more about how early man, the Strandlopers lived.

What a way to learn about these early people, than from the very same cave in which they had lived, thousands of years ago. The hike up to the cave was quite arduous for some, teachers especially. The huge sand dunes which had to be crossed, are always a hit with the pupils. Who can resist a run down  the dunes?

Look...rock paintings

The inside of the cave, as well as the story of its discovery, is always full of interest to the pupils. There are stories of snakes, skulls and skeletons and rock paintings. Pupils can see the evidence themselves that Strandlopers had once lived there. There is still evidence of sea shells in the cave to this day.

A Mothers' Day gift perhaps?

On our way back, the pupils sat on the dunes and made necklaces, bracelets and anklets from beads, just as the early Strandlopers would have done long ago.


What an end to a fantastic, outdoor education experience.


No, this one's mine

Watch this space to hear how our visit to the sand dunes goes in May.








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