One of the new technologies released recently is the Airplay function on the Apple TV device. This function has really revolutionized the way in which we are able to use iPads with audio visual devices. More importantly in education when using audio visual devices.

Before we take a look at how the AirPlay function works I’dapple-tv like to take a moment to explain what the Apple TV device is.

The Apple TV device is a small box-designed looking device that through the use of an HDMI cable connects to your HD ready or Full HD television. It also has a network port which allows you to connect it to a network using a Ethernet cable. This connection provides the internet and a network connection for sharing and using content.

This device is used for streaming Television series, movies and internet content(Youtube) to your television. It makes use of the usual Apple ID technology, whereby you need to have an iTunes Account in order to access the content. This content is for sale through the Apple Store.


I must, at this point, just make you aware that using the AirPlay function on the Apple TV does require you to have a wireless enabled network. This is simple to achieve with the standard ADSL wireless routers provided by our Internet Service Providers. There is no need to purchase any apple associated wireless access points unless you feel you would like too.

So what is AirPlay and How does it work?

streaming1AirPlay is a feature offered by Apple on our Apple mobile devices(Currently supported on Ipad 2, Ipad mini and newer generation Apple mobile devices). It comes already installed on the device you purchase. Hard coded into the operating system. When we attach an Apple TV device and connect it to the same network as our Apple mobile device it becomes available for use.

Once we have that setup we are able to then use the AirPlay functions. Their are two main functions currently available for the user. Streaming Video/Pictures and Mirroring functions.

The Streaming video function allows you to stream any video from your device to the attached HD Ready or Full HD television. This is fantastic for when you wish to show Youtube content, or any video content to a large audience. This function is effortless and allows you to not only stream just a video file but also the audio associated with that video and pictures from your devices gallery.

The Mirroring function allows the user to mirror what’s on their Apple devices screen and show it on the television they’ve connected to the Apple TV device. How does this differ from the streaming function? Well it means we can project whatever we are doing on our Apple mobile device onto our connect television screen. This has fantastic application when teaching and presenting information to an audience.

I look forward to showing you more about this function in the future and how it can be utilized in the classroom for educational purposes.

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