photo2At the Group of Schools we have various services that we offer the school community. One of these services includes the homework class option at Silvermine Academy and Sun Valley Primary School.

photo5At the Primary School we do give the pupils a light snack before home work which they are allowed to enjoy before beginning the session. Homework class begins at 14:15 and ends at 15:15. During this time no child may be collected from Home Base, unless prior arrangements have been made.

photo4Last year, we decided to have a well structured homework class environment which would be a terrific addition to home base. We have really attempted to insist that all children who attend Home Base have 45 minutes to an hour homework session before they enjoy the structured activities.

photo7The home work class assistants ensure that help is given to children. If the pupil is competent and does not require assistance, they may continue with homework that has been set out for them by their class teachers. Homework diaries need to be given to the assistance to show that they were busy with work. Remember that reading is a homework activity even if it is not written down in the homework diary.

photo9If there are any issues with homework not been completed or homework taken home, it could be as a result of participation in sport.The onus is on the child to ensure that homework books and diary is brought to the various venues set up for the classes from Monday to Thursday.

photo6We do understand that certain work is brought home and if this does become a constant concern to parents. Please arrange to speak to the class teacher to help with the policing of homework.


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