Home base is a place where our staff tries to make the stay at this venue a pleasant one. Even though we do not possess all the latest and great gaming consoles we have our own style.

The children get to spend longer sessions under the watchful eyes of our staff during the holidays. Our holiday team consist of Melita Porter, Aunty Sharon and Aunty Esme.
photo1These ladies have structured times where the various activities will take place. Some of the activities include board games, biking, field time and bingo. We shall try and slot in some swimming time, weather permitting. We are considering allowing the children to participate in a talent contest, where they can dance, sing or do a trick or two.

photo2At this venue we proud ourselves of the fact that our children do interact with several age groups and they get to chat and play, on so many different levels.

Even our menu for the holiday time will be different.  There will be a surprise meal for each breakfast. The lunches and snack times will also be more substantial and this can be regarded as a highlight for some children.

We offer two varying prices for the holiday time at Sun Valley Group of School. For those prices please contact either the Home Base office or the school’s administration office for more details.

This has really been a good term for staff and children of Home Base. We have seen so many changes. What works and what doesn’t. We would like to thank Melita for her management and the guidance she has given her staff during this past term.


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