photo 4At such a progressive school as Sun Valley Group of Schools we would think that as parents, guardians and children we would be more careful. While patrolling around the school I have noticed a few things which are being done properly but there are still some challenges with which some parents struggle.

 photo 3

The school has been in discussion with the municipality for the longest time about the congestion we experience at our school in the morning and the afternoon. It has to be said that thus far it has been a blessing that no serious accidents or unfortunate eventualities have occurred. We need to just look at how we collect our children from school daily.

20140506_163832(1)Many of the parents do abide by our school’s policy. We have a few parents who do not adhere to these policies and seem to deliberately cause quite a scene when they are challenged. There are some parents and children who cross roads without looking left, right and left again.


Thankfully we have some  very cautious drivers who try to keep a close eye on all the pedestrians and silly drivers who have this nonchalant attitude towards their safety, as well as the safety of others.


photo 1Our school policies are put in place to ensure that our children are safe. We try to see that traffic moves with as little opportunity for serious congestion as possible. For this reason we have tried arranging for the Foundation Phase children to be picked up on their side of the school and the Intersen Phase children on theirs, with exception of the sibling rule. Please refer to the homework diary for more information. We have made arrangements for Silvermine Academy High School to come out a few minutes later to try and alleviate even more congestion.

 photo 2The truth is that as parents, guardians, children and teachers at our group of schools we need to make the correct and wise decisions to keep ourselves and those around us safe. We need to look at the structures that are in place and try our best to ensure that they are upheld. The moment our guard is let down we couldfind ourselves in a situation we would rather prevent.

photo 5Let us keep “striving for accuracy” and ensuring that we adhere to the rules of the road. We want to ensure we have happy parents and safe children.  Keep “thinking about your thinking“,as you reflect on the Habits of Mind … for the safety our children.


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