Internet accessibility is at an all time high and with it comes vast possibility. The truth is we can’t personally monitor how our children are using the web at every moment, but we can equip them to use the internet responsibly.


There are a number of parental controls and tools available to help keep your children safe online, but no tool is 100% effective and these should at no point replace conversations with your children about the internet.


For many parents, understanding the internet is an intimidating prospect. But our children are digital natives, and the truth is we need their help in understanding just what dangers exist.


Ask your child which websites they like to visit and find out why. Talk to them about how they use these websites.


Know who your child is talking to online. Children seldom understand the dangers of meeting strangers online, they simply see others as online friends. Help them understand that its easy for people to lie about things such as their age because we have never met them.
Encourage conversation, ask your children to teach you about the websites and online services they use. Why do you select that option? Who can see my profile? How many friends do you have? Honest conversations will help your understanding and foster a relationship of trust between you and your child. They will be more likely to approach you when they have a problem online as a result.

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