Fear often keeps children from engaging, eliminating their chances of understanding and resolving the problems they face. A sense of safety and self value are essential in helping children face each day, without the need to avoid and evade.
Sadly, some children grow up in homes where avoidance and hiding are essential for their survival. Their life depends on their ability to dodge an empty beer bottle, conceal their vulnerability or deafen their ears to endless criticism. As such they arrive at school on edge, defensive and ready to lie, cheat and hurt others, just to stay alive. These traits are the antithesis of real connection.
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Luckily, school life is filled with opportunities to practise engaging, make mistakes, and try again.From cooperative groups in class to resolving conflicts on the playground, there are many situations where the primal instinct to run away is manifest and needs to be recognised and regulated.

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Grade 6 and 7 students practise engaging by playing “extreme Uno”, where students create and enforce new rules throughout the game. Its a fun way to develop interpersonal skills under pressure and gets everyone’s heart racing!
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Below, staff start the day with a game of tag.
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