Please take some time to read Gavin Keller’s attached article which featured in Mother and Child Magazine this month. It offers some powerful analogies and methods in developing Emotional Intelligence.

You can read it here:
Emotions – Gavin Keller (1)

Spending a wonderful two days with our Grade 7 Prefect Team this week really highlighted to me the importance of human connection. I have yet to find anything more meaningful, or important to human beings than connection with other human beings.



But connections can be problematic and even harmful if they aren’t insulated safely. Sometimes they don’t happen at all if they are not conducted in the right way. Without the necessary connectivity and boundaries we can soon find ourselves in unhealthy relationships.


One of the key jobs of our emotions is to protect us from such relationships, and without them their would be no enjoyment in our friends or family. In reality, no relationship is perfect, and we are sometimes bombarded with mixed emotional messages. To manage this without being overwhelmed we need to employ our Emotional Intelligence. This is key in being aware of our feelings, understanding them and using them powerfully.


Our aim is to develop young men and women who have learned how to manage emotions effectively.


We do this by teaching them that emotions have no intrinsic value. There are no good emotions, and no bad ones. To put it simply, emotions are data. They tell us information, and the higher our emotional intelligence, the better equipped we are to interpret that vital information and make good, emotional decisions.



Well done to all our 2014 prefects who showed incredible depth and courage at our Prefects Retreat. I look forward to your leadership this year!

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