Holiday Homebase has been growing with each term as parents are becoming more accustomed to the changes that have been implemented this year.


The activities on offer included swimming, wheels on field time, outdoor activities, movies and free play. The children and staff had hours of entertainment, ensuring that the children were happy.


The ladies on duty were ‘Aunty’ Melita, ‘Aunty’ Sharon, ‘Aunty’ Esme and the newbie for the holidays ‘Aunty’ Janine. The team worked well to ensure that all nicks and bruises were seen to and that the little hearts were kept safe and entertained.


The December holidays will see the children having more time with this amazing team until 23 December 2014. They will have another holiday program prepared and the children must be booked in well before the school holidays begin on the 10 December.

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Sun Valley Group of Schools would like to thank both the parent body for the precious children we had the privilege of supervising as well as the staff for taking the time to ensure the safety and care for our children.

To see more photo’s of our October Holiday visit

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