Martin Luther King Jr. said, “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” This is what I would like to encourage every Grade 7 parent, teacher and student to do.

During this time of the year both parents and students feel the pressure of assessments, end of year functions and getting ready for the “Silly Season”. For the Grade 7 students and parents however, there are the added stresses of preparing for high school and bidding farewell to primary school.

We used poetry as a means to allow our students to process this reality and gave them the opportunity to say farewell. Here are some of the poems:

Goodbye Primary School

Well here we are… the last day of school
All the memories run through our head
Our whole grade stands together,
as our final good byes are said.

Emotional…as we know it is over
Trying hard to hold back the tears
Singing our glorious school song,
as the wise words play through our ears.

We’re growing fast…like sunflowers
But this school building will be shouting my name
When I’m on the highway to success,
going through life, like it’s a challenging game.

High school…it’s a long journey
So while I’m on my way
I’ll be thinking of you, Sun Valley,
every single day!

Written by Tamara Delbrooke-Jones (Grade 7 Anderson)

Goodbye Primary School

I remember when I took my first step,
into the school that would change my life.
I’ve had so many great experiences,
Compared to it- there’s nothing alike.

The months went by,
It all became familiar, like home
And as the years went by,
I didn’t want to be left to roam.

Goodbye primary school,
You’ve developed my talents and abilities.
I’ve finished an awesome journey,
of endless possibilities.

Written by Ben van Huyssteen (Grade 7 Skippers)

Students were also given the opportunity to write about tomorrow and we received varied and interesting responses to this topic. Some students took a more direct approach, writing beautiful poems about the dawn of a new day, while others choose to deliver imaginative and fantastical poems.

Here are some for your reading pleasure:

Hello Tomorrow – The Ages

With the horses on the ride
and the knights in mid-stride
our defences are broken
and there’s no-where to hide

Avast, open fire
these are pirates for hire
we cannot outrun them
these men never tire

Seen from afar
our shelters are useless
so lay down the guard

There are not trenches here
behind the benches in fear
just get up and run
the bandits are near

The past world is hollow
I say no more sorrow
I’m ready for difference
Hello Tomorrow!

Written by Elijah Pearson (Grade 7 Anderson)

Hello Tomorrow

Over the hills,
in a while to come,
the sun will rise,
with a distant hum.

Longing for light,
as it reaches the skies,
the rays reach out,
like buring fire flies.

While the village stirs,
all will be awakening,
the sound of shutters opening,
after the dawn breaking.

A new day begins,
as the sun has arrived,
opportunities for all,
for yesterday was contrived.

Written by Erica Beesley (Grade 7 Skippers)

So let us seize the day! One day at a time, one hurdle at a time for success lies there beyond! Strength!

Learning with iPads has been a thrilling experience.

Learning with iPads has been a thrilling experience. 

Assemblies are always great fun!

Assemblies are just one of many fond Sun Valley Primary memories.

Learning is so much more fun when I do it with the help of my peers.

Learning is so much fun when I do it with the help of my peers at Sun Valley Primary.

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