Commit To It: The whole family needs to commit to Matric, not just the Grade 12 student. Matric is a very stressful time and if all members of the family are helping to carry the burden, success is guaranteed. Put up a calendar of test and assignment dates so that all members of the family are aware what lies ahead.
Maximise Your Day: Work hard in class. Write down your homework. Do daily review of the work covered in class. Keep a record of assignments due and stick to deadlines. Remember to make time for Work, Play and Sleep every day. Eat well too.

Seek Out Encouragers: Remember you are not alone! Your friends, parents and teachers all want you to do well. Small acts of kindness by family members towards their Matric student will be appreciated. Check their stationery and replenish regularly. Make sure the uniform is clean and ready. Remember that you also need to be an Encourager.
Work Out Your Creative Muscle: Investigate how you learn. There are many tests online to take that will help you to identify your learning modality. If you need pictures: draw pictures, take photos of the board, use highlighters, etc. Once you have identified how best you learn and you apply this to your work in class and at home you will embed the concepts and skills effectively for future reference.

Prepare to Shine: The word PREPARE is the important one. You will not shine in the final exams if you have not prepared. That means doing homework, revising content covered in class, going over past exam papers, practising your writing skills, learning orals off by heart, Reading, Reading, Reading…
Speak Out: If you are struggling, ask for help. If you don’t get what you need, ask again or ask someone else.
Expect the Unexpected: This is probably the hardest thing in the world to master. Change is difficult. Flexibility is a challenge. Ask yourself : “What’s the worse that could happen?” This question will force you to look at the worst case scenario then work back from there. It’s forcing yourself to look at what could go wrong and finding strategies to do your best to prevent this. Ask for advice. Every problem has a solution, even if the dog has eaten your homework!

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