Interact finished a variety of projects last term. Our group has grown both in numbers and enthusiasm.  We also had students who are not members but enjoyed taking part in specific projects.

We had a very successful Easter egg drive and collected enough Easter eggs to be able to deliver parcels to Sinethemba Care Centre as well as The Open Door’s youth club.

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We also took part in the National 27000 Blankets project. Everybody tried and learned how to knit. Not always equally successful. Because so few Interact members knew how to knit, every possible willing person was used – learners, teachers and parents. Even a few soccer players tried their hand at this.  Thanks to very capable and willing moms and grannies, we managed to hand in close to a 100 knitted and crocheted blocks.

Interact has certainly started the year on a very active and positive note.  I am looking forward to the rest of 2015!


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