A squad of 22 boys and girls participated in our annual Silvermine Academy Sports Tour which is organised by Knysna Montessori. The bus drive was long but the spirits were high. Our base was at Brenton on Sea which is a 20 minute drive over a stunning pass into the Brenton area. The team settled in before heading to the Waterfront Spur for a burger dinner.


On Friday we headed to Adventureland for a morning of fun in the balmy Knysna weather before our fixtures at Knysna Montessori. The boys and girls had an absolute ball on the water slides.


The Netball girls started off strong with 9-3 win over Knysna Montessori. The girls played excellent netball and impressed all of the spectators with their phenomenal skill. Ms Winterbach was thrilled with the victory and the girls were keen for their second match a little later in the day. Their second match of the day was against a very strong Wittedrift team and they went down by a few goals.

Both boys and girls represented Silvermine in the Soccer matches. The team played two fun games against Wittedrift and Knysna Montessori. Unfortunately, we went down in both.








To cap off the fixtures, the Silvermine and Wittedrift teams played a mixed boys and girls game which ended up as a full squad of netball and soccer players battling it out on the field. This was hilarious for all and ended the day on a high!

The team were exhausted and spend the afternoon chilling before heading to dinner at the local Knysna market. There was live music, food stalls and a bonfire.

Day Two dawned and the MARS which is a Montessori style adventure race lay ahead. The teams being made up of mixed Silvermine and Knysna Montessori learners. The race included, running, a mountain trek, ladder climbing and canoeing. Everyone collapsed after an exhausting few hours of this intense race.








Once we arrived back in Brenton, the couches proved to be too comfortable and that is where everyone stayed for the afternoon. After bribing the students with the promise of ice cream we went to the Waterfront for a walk around. The evening ended off on the Brenton beach playing soccer and having sand fights followed by hot chocolate at the hotel overlooking the beach.

The trip home on the Sunday morning was very quite with 22 dead-tired, happy and contented Silvermine Kids. What a bunch of AMAZING young adults.

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