I had the privilege of visiting the Grade 5 camp yesterday and found the most amazing things taking place.

Picture 1333

The children were divided into groups and each group had to carry out an activity which tested their ability to work as a team. A leader was elected and the group was given time to come up with their strategy on how to best carry out the activity with the most effective collaboration.

Picture 1373

Activities ranged from raft building to tackling an obstacle course where all team members had to work together to make it through.

Picture 1392


Picture 1406

I personally enjoyed the wall activity where teams had to get all their members over a high wall without making use of the side pieces of wood.

Picture 1400

The facilitators are friendly and organised, and the food was delicious.

Picture 1356

The Grade 5’s are really having a terrific time.

Picture 1424

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