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At Homebase we have been working really hard to ensure that our children are safe and feel loved.


We have kept changes at Homebase to a minimum. The children have a specific teacher assistant for the bulk of the afternoon to keep the system constant.


The Grade Rs and Ones have Funda and Sharon. The Grade Twos and Threes have Gaynor and Foster.

In the senior sections, Beverly and Richard cater for the Grade Fours to Sevens.

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Our team is headed up by Melita, who is also the first point of call if any issues do occur. Not forgetting the unchanging and ever ready Bubbles who assists with administrative issues and first aid.

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Our team becomes more streamlined during the holidays, with Sharon and Melita jumping in to assist wherever needed.

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Before our last Holiday Care there was confusion regarding the new system. As of 2015 we have implemented a system where parents pay in advance for a period of their choosing. Remember to book your child’s stay early to avoid disappointment! Let us know the length needed – one week, two or three. We need this to be done in advance so that we have enough time to plan activities and allocate staff – thereby ensuring that each child’s needs are met.

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