Homebase is a great hub of fun and we have been fortunate to have some new developments.

The new astroturf lawn has been thoroughly enjoyed by the children in rain and in shine. The Intersen Homebase children are able to spend more time on the new astroturf –  homework can be enjoyed in the fresh air as we read and journal.

The Foundation Phase learners enjoy playing with their peers, reading and relaxing in style.

The holiday session was truly a success and all the children that came had good experiences. Once again, to all the parents that booked in advance to make the experience a pleasant and exciting one, we thank you. Please be informed that all holiday forms will have to be completed well before the holidays and the ladies at Homebase will remind parents of the pending closing dates for bookings.

We hope that your children have been sharing their wonderful experiences with you. We look forward to seeing more of our Homebase children at the next Holiday care session in the September holidays.

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