One of the Grade 7 teachers’ goals is to encourage our learners to become engaged, inspired, enthused and motivated in a learning pathway.


In order to develop this culture, taking time with training is essential and it requires commitment from a committed staff. The Flour Baby Baby Project is a vital Life Orientation programme.

Teenage years are synonymous with puberty and sexuality, a developmental process way more complex than mere heightened hormones and cheeky retorts. Grade Seven students were given the opportunity to learn various Life Skills involving HIV/AIDS, self-image, physical development, population growth, and the responsibilities associated with child rearing. Students soon realise that child rearing is a demanding, tedious and exhausting experience, even when they are merely made of flour.

This project is concluded with the submission of a baby journal, a daily record of the students’ experiences with their flour babies. The results are evidence of the success of the project. Here are some of the quotes from the journals:

“If I had a baby now I don’t know how I would cope with the stress. I think the most probable solution would be to give my baby away to an orphanage, because there is no way that I could look after and provide for a baby.” DSC_0137

“I definitely do not want a baby while I am a teenager. They are life changing decisions that you have to make. You have to revolve your life around the baby, you become restricted. Babies cost a lot of money, once off and monthly. You really have to know what you are committing yourself to.”

“I know that I will not have a baby before I am ready, and this project has made sure that I knew that. I want to travel the world, be well educated, be financially secure and have fun before I settle down and have a child. If I am a teenage mother, I can do none of that, and I will not have the life I want.”

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