Sun Valley Group of Schools prides itself on its ability to keep parents informed. Whether it’s through Social Media or SMS’s we make it our focus to keep parents up to date on what’s happening in our Group of Schools. We’d like to introduce a new method of communication. One that is quick, effective and available for all smart phones.

Bambisa is an App that is simple to setup and easy to use. It’s available for free on both Android and Apple smart phones and a fantastic way to keep in touch.  So how do you get started? Below is a step by step guide on how to acquire the App and set it up.

Step 1:
Download the Bambisa App through your smart phone’s App Store.

If you own an Apple iPhone, use the Apple App Store to download the App.
If you own an Android device, use the Google Play Store to download the App.

Apple-Google Store

Simply search for “Bambisa” and the results will produce the Bambisa Communication App for downloading.

Step 2:

Once the Bambisa app is downloaded, follow the screen shots below to set up the app. Screen1



Screen 1
Make sure you allow Bambisa to send you notifications. If this is off it will not
automatically notify you if there is a new message.









Screen 2
Select the “I’m a new user” option.



Screen 3 & 4

Fill in your name and surname.


Screen 5

Type in your email address. Make sure it’s the email address you gave to the school as part of your contact details.

Screen 6 & 7

Select “South Africa (+27)” as your country of origin. Then put in your mobile number.


Screen 8

Once you have entered your mobile number a verification will be sent to you via SMS. Enter that verification number into the Bambisa app.

Well done! You have now signed up and will start receiving messages from us. At first there will not be any messages available but as soon as one is sent it will appear in your Bambisa app.

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