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Our decision to replace conventional uniform Homework with Reading and other personal performance tasks has certainly caused a stir.  It seems to have scratched a festering scab on the skin of many parents, country wide.  The reaction has caught us by surprise.  SABC TV, eTV, KFM, Sunday Times, Cape Talk, 702, KayaFM, Cliff Central, YOU magazine, Good Hope FM, Forbes and Expresso have all weighed in on the debate.

The solution is not simple.  One does not simply put a stop to Homework.  Our new Homework Policy is the tip of the iceberg.  Below the surface one finds years of intensive work redesigning our curriculum using the Understanding by Design (UbD) methodology.  Our neuro-learning programme has taken many years to implement across the entire Group of Schools.  This has involved REAL learning.  REAL stands for R=Relevant, E = Engaging, A = Attention and Focus and L = Life-long learning.  Uniformed Homework has given way to READING, Personal Performance Tasks and Revision for the Assessment Week each term.

The stories are pouring in from parents who cannot believe the difference they are experiencing in their homes.  Share your story with us – good or bad by emailing it to

Click on the PDF below for our first story about a Grade 3 boy, Rogan!

Rogan Krog story

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