The iPad project at Sun Valley Primary School has always been a revolutionary concept. Allowing students to use iPads as a tool for learning has really changed the way we teach them and the way they learn. One of the biggest drawbacks we’ve had with the previous roll out of the project has been the inability to ensure all students have a digital device. This year we embark on the next big step in this Digital Learning undertaking. We have had the opportunity to provide every Grade 4 student with an iPad!

These iPads have been set up and optimised for learning, providing the perfect balance between creativity and innovation. This affords us the freedom to create and develop the ideal digital classroom.

The Grade 4s have been having fun discovering different ways to use their iPads in the classroom.

We have learnt how to highlight important information in our comprehensions.


We have learnt how to find the definition to words that we don’t know. This has helped us to put learning into our own hands.


We have learnt how to use Google Translate. Afrikaans is nou maklik.


We have even enjoyed using iPads during our SURE period. We are currently reading The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton.

Straight from the kids’ mouth’s on how iPads have transformed their learning:

Bella: “Working on iPads makes work fun and easier to do.

Callum: “Working on an iPad makes work less stressful.

Annie: “I love iPads because they have iBooks on them and iBooks are very helpful.

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