Today was the day our Grade 4 – 7 students received their Study Guides. This is a guide for them on what to study each day in order to be prepared for the Assessment Week. Parents will notice that it is divided into subjects and for each subject there is a specific amount of content which your child must revise for that day. The teachers will also be revising some of the work during class time in order to monitor progress.

At Sun Valley Primary School, we aim to develop students who have the ability to think, solve problems, make decisions, remain Blooms1cool under enormous pressure, cope with failure, show empathy by being aware of their own and others’ feeling, collaborate and co-operate with peers from diverse backgrounds, faiths and cultures and facilitate change. All our Class-based assessments and our Formal Systemic Assessments (Exams) are now based on Bloom’s. We make sure that 60 % of our Exam paper covers the first three levels and 40 % relies on Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation. This forces our teachers and students to master the art of thinking out of the box. It prepares students for the 21st century.

Tests are high-stress and high anxiety times for the majority of our students. Parents need to remember that Tests are systemic – they report back on how the system is doing. Where it can be improved? What strategies need to be adapted? What intervention Assessment .001can be given? We make use of tests as learning opportunities – where students can prepare, practise and apply what they have learnt to a set of challenging questions, and where teachers can use the statistics to develop their next teaching module to get the best out of each student. The test only counts for 25 % of a Grade 4 – 6’s term marks, whereas class-based assessment counts 75 %. In Grade 7 (The Senior Phase) the test counts 60 %, whereas class-based assessment counts 40 %.

The Parentline meeting in June is a time for the student, teacher and parent to discuss student performance and their perseverance in achieving their long-term goal. Parent-Teacher Conferences will include students from Grade R, but will be led by students from Grade 4 – 7. Our Grade 4 – 7 students will make use of Digital Portfolios in this meeting. Please make every effort to attend this meeting and encourage your child in their presentation.

Parents, over the next few weeks, support your children as they study, assist them to take notes and develop mindmaps/brainstorms and constantly encourage them. Ensure that they get enough sleep, enough healthy food and enough play during short bursts of revision.

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