Last week the Grade 11 Life Science and Physical Science students went to The Power of Poison exhibition at the Waterfront in Cape Town. This exhibition included everything from tiny frogs, to explanations of the intensities and sources of the strongest poisons, to explaining how poison has played an inseparable part in fairy tales and novels. There were even opportunities to hold various different snakes!


It was intriguing to see the theories as to which poison the witch might have injected into the apple that Snow White ate. It was also fascinating to see the various different poisons that were used in the Sherlock Holmes novels. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the exhibition was to appreciate the depth to which the exhibitionists had done their research and the effort that had gone into the presentation of the exhibition itself.


The Grade 11 students all had their own highlights for the day and it was fun to watch them explore. One of the students in particular especially enjoyed holding the snakes and really wanted to take one home…


This truly was an excursion that was well worth it and we all had a great time. I hope a similar exhibition comes along next year so that we can go again. As a cliff hanger I will leave you with this: What is the difference between poisonous and venomous? Maybe you should go to The Power of Poison exhibition to find out!

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