Our Grade Sevens have once again had the opportunity to shine after embarking on a journey of reading, writing and creativity as members of the Writing Club. This club encourages children at our school to grow and develop their love for English creative writing, such as poetry. Students were recently given a chance to demonstrate these skills and talents at the Poetry Recital Evening held in our school hall on Wednesday the 27th of July 2016.


This evening was preceeded by much hard work. The students had been coached to write a poem during a Writing Club session in the Library, under the guidance and supervision of Mrs Fortune and Mr Hall, who furthermore encouraged these brave students to present their poems to a small, yet enthused group of thespians (teachers, close family members and friends).

The evening kicked off with a beautiful guitar solo performed by one of Sun Valley Group’s talented staff members, Mr Raven, and with that the scene for an evening of creativity, in pure Sun Valley style, was set.

This was followed by various, exceptional poetry recitals. Our Grade Seven representatives were Safiya Mia, Ethan Cunningham, Bianca Visagie, Laella Coetzee, Georgie Bester, Heidi Ansorge, Indigo Thorpe and Waller Pretorius. All of these children displayed immense talent and were an inspiration to the younger students. The event also saw some of our creative staff members participate in the reciting of their own poems.


Thank you to all the supporters, organisers and most of all to the children who participated and renewed our love of English.


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