This week, the Grade 7 classes took turns to visit the beautiful Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. The object of the field trip was to learn more about the various careers involved with Marine Biology, Oceanography and more.


The classes arrived at school bright and early in order to get through to Cape Town by 9am. The students enjoyed a lesson by one of the Two Oceans Aquarium educators. They learnt all about the importance of the ocean, conservation, what we, as humans, get out of the ocean and its many uses.

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The boys and girls got the opportunity to go “backstage”and meet a number of important people in the Two Oceans Aquarium.

The turtle conservationist spoke to the boys and girls about turtles in South Africa. She explained to the Grade 7s how to get involved and what degree/courses need to be done. Several Grade 7s found this very interesting. The lady in question started working at the Aquarium as a teenager, doing weekly courses as part of the Young Biologist Programme.

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We got the opportunity to see some magnificent turtles up close on the Aquarium roof. One turtle that touched all the kids hearts, was a turtle who had a buoyancy problem and therefore could not manage to submerge himself deep enough to live safely in the environment. The Aquarium staff are working tirelessly to rectify the problem and release him back into the wild.

The students also visited the rather smelly “kitchen” where all the food is prepared for the thousands of creatures in the tanks. The girls, particularly, loved the smell.


The Culture Room was also of great interest to the kids. Lastly, they visited the collections department which involves a team of young men whose job it is to travel the country and collect various organisms required for the Aquarium Habitats to survive.

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The morning was capped off with two AMAZING experiences. The feeding of the endangered African Penguins as well as the diving feed in the main tank.


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The Grade 7 students stood out with their impeccable manners and respect throughout the morning on each day.

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