In my opinion, 2016 marks the very best of Musicals performed at Sun Valley Primary School. Every Musical we have ever produced has been SPECTACULAR and way beyond the realm of a Primary School Production. What makes this year a little different is the tweaking of the different aspects of the Musicals.


The live music, under the directorship of Mike Raven, was tight and creative. With the help of SVPS Staff and two parents, Noel Frost on the trumpet and Cherith van Vuuren on the violin, the singing and dancing was supported by a great sound. There was a wide variety from which the genres were drawn. Mike Raven cleverly arranged and linked scenes with creativity.


The additions to the lighting made for a very colourful stage and moods and effects were able to be created like never before. By far the best we have had.

IMG_0837 IMG_9523 IMG_9537 IMG_9528

The choreography and dancing was delightful. Many more children got the opportunity to express themselves through movement and music.

IMG_9381 IMG_9762

The costumes and make up, as usual, were spectacular! Good use of texture, colour and imagination.

IMG_9361 IMG_9419 IMG_9318 IMG_9824

The set design was different this year too. It merged creativity, digital with minimalism at different levels, using LED lights for an interestingly refreshing effect. It was all colourfully, creatively and cleverly constructed thanks to a handful of helpful parents.

IMG_9232 IMG_0771 IMG_9901 IMG_9320

There was a great opportunity for Grades 6 and 7 to shine in the more prominent roles. The Grade 4 and 5 pupils were a great back up creating and Even Cast of Grade 4 and 6 and an Odd Cast of Grade 5 and 7.

IMG_9801 IMG_9984 IMG_9792 IMG_9982IMG_9814 IMG_9995 IMG_9808 IMG_9986IMG_9803 IMG_9978 IMG_9806 IMG_9981IMG_9949 IMG_9976 IMG_9940 IMG_9969

The level of confidence displayed by the pupils at our school is remarkable. Their ability to shine … to sing … to dance … to act … to support … to love and to be loved. What an amazing learning environment!

Of course, no organisation would be complete without that one “crazy” enthusiast who loves to celebrate and party.


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