If you ever find yourself wandering past our Grade 8 or Grade 9 classroom please do not panic when you detect a burning smell.  This has nothing to do with any Natural Science experiment, but is in fact due to the huge amount of brain power going on within the class…

High School Mathematics is not for sissies! Pythagorean triples, trapezium area and perimeter formulas, surface area equations, algebraic expressions… does any of that make sense to you? Welcome to Grade 8 and 9 Mathematics!

Our students have made superb progress in going from a panic stricken, brain freeze when they come across an “impossible” sum, to a calm, tranquil genius when they realise they can break it all down. When each step is solved they realise the impossible is possible. What a valuable life lesson! Each time these students solve a large problem they tell their brain that they can solve problems! This may sound odd, but problem solving adults is something I’m very willing to invest in.

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