CARE circles form an important time amidst the daily lessons of the classroom to connect, be real and share.

CARE has undergone a steady development over the last year. From it beginning as a means to manage and resolve conflict, it developed to encompass broader issues of emotional wellbeing. CARE “plus” sought to move children beyond simply sharing their concerns to equipping them with ways to regulate and use their emotions, even in highly stressful or difficult situations.


In addition, mindfullness practices have been incorporated for a number of reasons;

  • To develop students awareness of their surroundings, including the environment, the spaces they occupy at school and at home, and the ways in which outside influences effect us. This includes the importance of caring for the environment, and paying attention to signs of change.
  • To develop students awareness of feelings and emotions. Each week classes gather together and experience ways to use their emotions and relate more skillfully with others.
  • To develop a deep internal awareness. The role of mindfulness, as a skill, has been invaluable in growing students self awareness. These include breathing exercises and techniques that develop awareness of our surroundings as well as our internal thoughts and feelings.


In the safety of a CARE circle, sometimes sensitive and even painful issues emerge. In an environment of compassion and empathy, these moments can be seen as teaching opportunities and chances to grow and learn. We see the evidence every day of a culture of compassion and empathy that is developed from the moment children set foot on our campus. Our aim is to continue to nurture this culture through all spheres of school life.


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