This project was introduced to our children on the 26th of August. It is designed to demonstrate the responsibilities, commitments and accountability involved in managing a family and a baby. Developing sound relationships through effective communication and excellent conflict management are key tools for good parenting and family nurturing. Partners were selected as divine intervention intended, with names drawn out of a hat.

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Next, our ‘parents’ made an important decision – whether to create a boy or a girl, and in certain instances, ‘ching-chong-cha’ was the decider.


The baby creation was completed in a painstaking 90 minutes. ‘Baby’ was made, dressed and wrapped. We had very happy and eager partners who began the project on the 2 September. Many became immediately attached to their bags of flour. They saw the need to love and care for their child.

Week one started with great enthusiasm and ended with complaints from the new parents. The following are a few of the most common comments:

“I’m tired because my mom woke me up at….”
“The dad needs to take this baby. It’s his turn.”
“I don’t ever want a baby.”

And one of the favourite comments was:

“Is the classroom creche open yet?


Some Grade 7s did not want to take their baby to sporting events or go shopping with mom as they had to be seen with their bundle of ’joy’.

We are now in our final week of the project and these statements are long gone:

“Why do we only have two weeks for this project?”
“Are we allowed to have twins?”

img_0015Hopefully, they have gained the understanding of the consistent commitment of time, energy and money that it takes to have a child. Some pupils have realised just how much effort their parents put into raising them.


The penny has dropped!

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