Inspired by the amazing research by Angela Duckworth (PhD) and Prof Carol Dweck (Stanford University) on GRIT and Growth MINDSETS, our 2016 theme inspired the staff to re-imagine the way we grow brains in our classrooms.

Although a work in progress, the initial feedback has exceeded our expectations.  Student-led Parentline interviews, from Grade 4 – 7 where they present their digital portfolios, focus on long term goals and the student’s ability, through failure and struggle to discover the power of passion and perseverance. Instead of striving to GET IT RIGHT, students are learning that their brains grow when they are struggling.  It is the struggle that lays myelinated neural pathways for long term, embedded memory. They are in the process of learning the difference between YET and NOT YET as opposed to RIGHT or WRONG.  Great schools in the 21st century have done away with RIGHT and WRONG in favour of YET and NOT YET.  NOT YET is not WRONG – it simply means that we need to struggle a little more to lay the neural pathways.  In fact, it is through failure, getting it wrong and struggling forward, that we grow intelligence.  The more we struggle, the brighter we will be as adults!  It calls for a change in MINDSET.

With this MINDSET change in “mind”, the traditional Prize Giving at Sun Valley will give way to GRIT AWARDS.

The fourth term will be committed to GRIT AWARDS for each Grade.  Each Grade will be given a set day when they will host the parents for their GRIT AWARDS.  Run by the Grade Head, the teachers in the Grade will highlight each student’s GRIT that was  displayed during the academic year.  The GRIT AWARDS will be for the whole family, and will include a Tea for the parents after the event where they can meet and greet the class teachers and school leadership.

But what about the talented?  We have not ruled out the importance of a celebration for those who are gifted in the YET ability. A special AWARDS ceremony will be held for the Top 10 Academics in each Grade from Grade 4-6.  These 30 students and their parents will be invited to a Special Awards Ceremony.

The Grade 7 Farewell Evening will incorporate their GRIT AWARDS and their Academic Awards.

Check the school calendar for your child’s GRIT AWARD ceremony and plan to be with us.  Invite Granny and Grandad to join you in this special event in the academic year.

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