The Grade 7s recently enjoyed a week full of E-Colours in Education. Rather than doing independent E-Colours exercises and activities, we embedded E-colours in our day to day work and tasks.

2016-09-15-photo-00001556 2016-09-15-photo-00001550 2016-09-15-photo-00001555

In English this term, we have been focusing on Poetry. Students have learned how to write couplets, tercets and ballads. We have also recently taken the learning process to a more advanced level by performing full scale poetry analysis – a skill that the majority of kids only attempt in high school!

2016-09-15-photo-00001563 2016-09-15-photo-00001565 2016-09-15-photo-00001566

The English E-Colours Task was simple: Write a poem of any style which describes YOU. This description should be based on your knowledge of E-colours, your E-Colour animal, your strengths and potential limiters. 

The results were simply outstanding.

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Well done, Grade Sevens!

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