Over the past week the Grade 5s have focused on the importance of knowing your E-Colour and the E-Colours of those around you.

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In English we had a discussion on the value of E-Colours and why we do the self assessments. We put our creative caps on and created a life sized silhouette of a lucky member of the class. Each child then got an opportunity to cut out a miniature version of themselves, decorated in their specific E-Colour which they added to the silhouette. The children realised that there are many different personality types and colour combinations which are vital in a group and classroom situation. This poster serves as a visual reminder of each child’s uniqueness.

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Next, we asked our children to highlight one quality they appreciated about each of their group members. The challenge was this all had to be said in Afrikaans! Our children felt loved and respected hearing what their peers had to say about them in the ‘Kings Chair’ activity.

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During our E-Colours week we have learnt the importance of celebrating individuals, focusing on their strengths, and treating them equally.

Many discussions have been had in class as well as CARE Circles, about the purpose and value of the PAUSE and PLAY buttons. Our children have started using their PAUSE and PLAY buttons in different situations.

We have spent a lot of time reflecting on different situations, behaviours and moments where our E-Colours knowledge could benefit us in class, on the playground, at home and on the sports field.

We now embrace the different combinations and personality types in each of our Grade 5 family groups.


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