At the heart of living, is our desire to be connected. In a relationship-based school, children are bigger than the challenge. Every child in our school is unique. And although they learn to operate as a group, class or sporting house – their individuality remains a priority.

Relationships make us feel safe. Every structure in the school is designed to make students feel part of the family. Children need to be in relationship with their teachers and peers.

Every morning, when a child enters their classroom, they CONNECT with their teacher. This includes a unique interaction specific to that teacher and class. At the same time they rate themselves emotionally on a 4 point scale with a rationale as to why they have givenĀ the rating. This is a vital process. The child is recognised as an individual, affirmed and a connection occurs. The teacher is informed as to where the child is emotionally and can treat them with sensitivity.

When a child arrives at school late, they are stressed and anxious. By the time they reach the class, the morning check in has already occurred. The child has missed the process and the opportunity to connect meaningfully with the teacher.

Connections are vital for relationships. Punctuality is a life skill. We can educate, love and nurture every child while they are at school BUT we have no influence on the environment from which they come or how they get here. ThisĀ is the responsibility of the parent. PLEASE, SVPS Parents, make every endeavour to get your children to school on time.

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