The Grade 4s ventured off on their very first school camp to Rocklands Campsite… where we were in for a jam-packed, fun-filled 18 hours of awesomeness!

The teachers were met by ecstatic children and their somewhat emotional parents. The children hurriedly got rid of their bulging bags and the fun and games started straight away…

After our initial games we settled into the hall where we were welcomed and split into groups.

Each group had to decide on a creative name, war cry and poster which needed to be relevant to their group’s colour. We were graced with the presence of the ‘Orange Eagles’, ‘Purple Beatles’, ‘Pink Pixies’ as well as the ‘Red Dabbing Pandas’ to name a few.

The groups then put on a fashion show where they made the most amazing outfits out of string, ribbon, plastic bags and tissue paper. The models did us proud as they ‘strutted’ their stuff down the run way.

The camp schedule was packed, keeping us very busy with games on the field, duster hockey and dodgeball in the hall and raft games in the icy pool.

Our evening started with a delicious braai followed by a camp concert. Skits were presented and the children were entertained by our ‘local A list celebrities’ while we watched a few staff members get rather messy. To top off a fantastic day we were surprised with a MIDNIGHT FEAST!

The Grade 4 children were woken up bright and early to a morning hike. The breathtaking views were definitely worth the early rise.

Thanks to all involved for an unforgettable camp.

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