Life is a gift and to have our very basic needs met is an even greater gift. Our Grade Sixes discovered this at the end of last term when we visited Living Hope Centre for our Community Outreach.


Throughout Term Three, hygiene products and biscuits were collected within the grade. Group points were a great motivation for the kids to buy into this project. It has been heart-warming seeing their eagerness to make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than themselves.


On the day of our outreach each class had the opportunity to put together the hygiene packs. The children also helped out by weeding the vegetable patches and clearing the weeds from a big field. Our energetic boys and girls had a blast!

Mr Pietersen took a few children to serenade to the patients in the medical clinic. Others handed out healthy snack packs to the patients who were so grateful for the treats. These boys and girls were truly touched by this experience, realising that life is very fragile indeed.

Anthony J. D ‘Angelo said: ‘Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.’ Our community was drawn closer together on the day of our outreach, leaving our Grade Sixes blessed beyond words.

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