Sun Valley Group of Schools becomes a buzz of activity in the morning between 07:00 and 07:45 and in the afternoon when school ends at 14:15 and the buzz dies down at about 14:30 (Monday to Thursday) and 13:00-13:15 on Fridays.

happy-face-clipart-excited-smiley-face-clip-art-i11It has become apparent that most of our Sun Valley Group of School Families have been adhering to the one way system, which we have a instituted to alleviate traffic congestion. Thank you to these diligent and supportive parents.

Our school is proud of the parents who have been buying into the various systems that we have initiated without the backing of the municipality. We believe our children’s safety comes first … our parent’s sanity a close second … along with the contentment of the neighbours.

Unfortunately we still have a small group of children and parents who habitually challenge the systems sad-girl-clipart-ntxkapytband policies.

skateOne example this week was when a child was skateboarding in the road at pick up time. The worst is that his mom was sitting in her car allowing him to cause mayhem. After a concerned neighbour, who nearly knocked him over, intervened, he simply walked over to mom, climbed in and mom drove off with attitude. The mind boggles.


There have also been several parents that have been parking in non-parking areas along red lines, around the school. When approached by two of our faithful facilitators, our senior ladies, have been verbally abused and sworn at.

We are always looking at ways and means to make the school safer for the children. We also try to take away some of the stresses parents experience in their driving experiences. We are introducing the ‘Drop and Go’ system to assist with a constant flow of the traffic. Currently we are in the first stage and it will soon become permanent culture at our school. The idea is you stop, drop your child and leave. If you want to accompany your child to the gate then park in the top parking and walk them down as you see in this photo.


img_1292-1A good example of where there is persistence among some parents happens on the corner of Brigantine Avenue and Corvette Avenue. There are red lines painted for a reason. It is to keep the area around the scholar patrol free from vehicles and also to avoid a traffic jam on the corner. The cones are placed there for good reason.



The other place where red lines are being ignored is on the bend where Barque Crescent meets Coracle Crescent. Not only are parents parking on the red lines, they are parking on both sides of the road. Some are mounting the verges of the neighbours and destroying their gardens. Again, when the parents were approached, the neighbours were sworn at. This is a blind corner and can be dangerous. By parking on the red lines they are making it very difficult for the school vehicles to exit and enter the car park.

Go ahead and set the example to others.


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