With online communication exponentially increasing, so too have the dangers of communicating online. Keeping oneself safe online has become a priority, with the golden rule to never give out any personal information.

As a part of the Grade 11 CAT assessment this term, the students were asked to investigate ‘online safety’. On Monday they presented their findings in the form of original and content rich presentations.

Some of the arguments the students came up with were:

Brion: “Online harassment and viruses are serious issues and must be taken into consideration when surfing on the internet.

Gregory: “Online Stalking is a crime and it is imperative to protect yourself when online from viruses and spyware.

Nicholas: “You must not provide your banking details online because the web is full of scammers.

Here are some snaps capturing their moment of fame:

file1-1  file4-1 file5-1  file7-1

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