One of our final themes for the Grade 6 year is Food Preservation and Nutrition. This is such a relevant theme for our students. They are facing their teenage years and, especially the girls, become so aware of what they are eating.



We investigate food preservation and processing, the history of canning, the processing and preservation of the cassava plant, to name but a few themes. The kids are currently preparing an oral on an eating style of their choice – looking at what the eating style entails, the pro’s and the cons of this eating style and their personal opinion of the eating style. They find this rather interesting and are learning fascinating facts!


The Grade Sixes are also exploring vitamins and minerals, looking at deficiencies caused by a lack of a vitamins/minerals as well as the symptoms of an overdose thereof. Diseases such as rickets, pellagra and scurvy are also being researched.


The most exciting part of this section of work is most certainly the Bouncy Egg Experiment. Each group soaks both a raw and a boiled egg in vinegar for four days. One can just imagine the beautiful smell reaching our noses upon entering the classroom! During this experiment, our young scientists observe the changes taking place in the eggs caused by the vinegar. The process of calcification is explained. We also revisit the written layout of an experiment, learn scientific vocabulary and cover how to make a scientific drawing.


Part of the fun is dropping the eggs to see how much they bounce. This can become rather messy. But to see the kids having fun and to hear their delightful giggles is worth all the mess. As the saying goes, kids learn through play…



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