Last Friday, 4 November, our Grade Ones had their Grit Awards. The format of the awards changed this year and allowed for a far more special and intimate setting. Every child had an opportunity to taste success as acknowledging grit was the focus.

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Each child was celebrated and had a special dedication in their teacher’s voice over. We then went onto the special awards which included: the Golden Grit Award, 3 Red Rubber Ball Awards and 6 Emotional Intelligence Awards. The Golden Grit Award was for the grittiest child in each class. The Red Rubber Ball Award was for children who set out their goals, chased them and achieved them. Emotional Intelligence was given to children who followed the RURU principle (Recognise, Understand, Regulate and Use their emotions) thoroughout the school day, everyday.

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It truly was such a special celebration for all who attended. It was emotional as our Grade Head, Monique Hall, officially handed the Grade Ones over to the Grade Two Head, Amanda Huntley.

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We are SO proud of each and every one of our children. They are incredible. They are enough!


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