There is always time for an experiment in the Physical Sciences class! Even though it was almost the end of the term and exams were upon us, the Grade 10 and 11 students grabbed lab coats and investigated chemical reactions.

The Grade 10 students were given three unknown solutions, all containing potassium salts. Each group had to identify their solution by using the knowledge they had about the solubility of these substances, and the colour changes that take place during the reactions. Some were a bit nervous about the reactions taking place in their test tubes, especially once fumes starting emerging. By the end of the lesson, all students had identified their solutions accurately.


The last chapter we studied in Grade 11 was on redox reactions. In these reactions, electrons are being transferred between ions. Students often struggle to understand these reactions, so we did a practical investigations. When you see complex concepts like this happening in the laboratory, it is often easier to understand and remember. We used the reaction between zinc and iodine, and created our very own zinc iodide in the process! The Grade 11s are now ready to balance any redox reaction given to them in the exams.


Good luck to all the students preparing for their exams. It’s almost over!

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