This year the Grade 4s really got to grips with their E-Colours. They received their E-Colour bands and wore them with huge excitement. This term they put their knowledge and understanding to the test by presenting an E-Colour oral to their class.

The oral consisted of 4 questions they had to ask themselves. They were:

  • “What impact has the programme had on your personal growth?”
  • “How has the E-Colours programme assisted you when working with your co-operative group this year?”
  • “Did knowing your E-Colours help you achieve success and show grit?”
  • “Were you able to press ‘pause’ and ‘play’ in various situations?”

The children embraced the challenge of doing this oral. The E-Colour programme has helped many children gain a better understanding of themselves and others, which benefits them in a co-operative environment.

Having such vivid imaginations at this age, the PAUSE and PLAY buttons are very effective tools. Our kids have learnt to physically stop themselves from going too far, or push themselves to go a little further.

The Grade 4s of 2016 have gone from strength to strength, thanks to the E-Colour programme.

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