Coaching children to connect is fundamental to their success. Children who bond successfully, not just with other people, but with their school environment, their passions and their goals are more likely to avoid the numerous pitfalls that await young people as they navigate their childhood and teenage years.

Research has shown that a strong connection and bond with their school can have a protective effect for children, especially against the challenges they face outside of school.


Every morning, teaching staff connect individually with each child through a simple check in system that establishes the emotional space that each child is in. Throughout the day, this connection continues and facilitates the learning process.


There are many things that can hinder connection, and even professional relationships require work. We need to teach children to overcome barriers to connection, and we do this by modelling it in our own behaviour. The evidence is mounting that real connection is essential to long term success and happiness.


The quality of our relationships with others is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. By teaching our kids to love themselves, we open the door for them to connect with others in a mutually beneficial way.

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