The classes for 2017 have been finalised and the students will meet their teachers on Friday in preparation for the new academic year.

How do we divide our students?

Sunbird Pre-Primary is divided into GENDER-BASED classes to ensure that our girls discover a love for Mathematics, Science, construction and other spatial activities like Sport and Engineering – which our boys find engaging and tend to achieve good results often at the cost of girls opting out,  while our boys can explore the wonderful world of Reading without being put down by their female friends who usually excel in Literacy. The transition from Grade One to Grade Two is simple.  The entire Grade One class moves up to Grade Two. We see these two  foundation years as a 24 month course in mastery of the basics.

From Grade 3 to Grade 7 the classes change each year.  There is no selection process.  The teachers in the current grade are given the task to divide each class into seven categories.  1. Students that need to be EXTENDED. 2. Students who fall within the CORE Grade level performance. 3. Students who need SUPPORT. 4. Students with FACILITATORS. 5. Students with BEHAVIOUR challenges. 6. Students with complicated SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL challenges. 7. Students with TOXIC parents.  The seven categories are then split into four classes and sent to the Principal.

The Principal together with his EXECUTIVE team sifts through the list to make sure that there are no bad combinations that may unduly disrupt the learning environment.  Once the four classes are finalised a teacher’s name is allocated to a class in the Grade.

The class to which your child has been allocated, is final.  There may be a few tears that a close friend is not in the same class.  That is normal.  But GRITTY kids know that new experiences and new challenges develop GRIT, and GRITTY kids end up successful adults.

One of the greatest strengths at our school is our human capital.  We have a terrific group of teachers – competent, capable and highly trained.  We often shift our staff around to expose them to different teaching levels and leadership experiences.  I have full confidence in all my staff to deliver a well designed UNcapped curriculum which forces students to problem-solve and make decisions, manage anxiety by staying cool under pressure, collaborate with others and facilitate change.

On Friday your child will discover what HOME looks like at Sun Valley in 2017.

Welcome HOME.



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