After watching The Legend of the Sky Kingdom, the Grade Sixes were motivated to search their homes for any junk that could be used to create their Junkmation characters.




What better way to end off the day after celebrating their success as a grade at the GRIT Award’s Ceremony? Bags of unwanted items, glues, paints and tools were brought to class. The excitement was tangible.



Some planned and designed their characters carefully; others were a bit clueless as to how their characters would turn out. There were some frustrating moments as parts did not want to stick or items crumbled under the pressure placed on them with hammers and saws.

img_0059 img_0062

We were delighted by the creations. Each child proudly presented their end products to their teachers.


We are now looking forward to the co-operative group iMovies that will be created with the Junkmation characters. This will let the creative vibes continue on until the very end of Grade Six!


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