As our Grade Fives are coming to the end of the year and preparing for Grade Six, they have spent the past few weeks unpacking the harsh reality of life in District Six. Through our studies using iBooks, role-play and exploration into the setting of District Six in both the past and present, they are ready to use their knowledge in order to engage in discussions on ‘Conflict’ in Grade Six. With the background provided in Grade 5, they are able to put into place how and why apartheid took place whilst learning about the roles our historic heroes, such as Nelson Mandela, played in the fight for freedom.



As a grade, we watched the District Six production recorded at the Baxter Theater in 2002.


The kids were able to view the lifestyle, dress, music, culture and food of the people who lived in District Six. While watching and discussing the production they were exposed to the unique lingo and slang used – that to their surprise is still used nowadays.

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By being able to read books, listen to music, view images and discuss topics about District Six, we feel that the children could relate to our past history and the effects brought by segregation. Many Grade 5s were frustrated by why this discrimination happened and others tried to find solutions as to how we all could have co-existed peacefully.


Thanks to the vibrant lyrics and funky tunes of , ‘Welcome to Cape Town‘, ‘My Broetjie, my bra‘ and ‘Daar kom die Alibaba‘, our kids acted out and danced the same way people performed in the ‘Kaapse Klopse’ in District Six back in the 1980s.



The imagery of what District Six had to offer, reminds us that colour means nothing and that diversity brings about a stronger community.

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