1add66482ba1fb82aba1f14aeeed8c45This morning I had the privilege of voluntarily standing in the rain and watching the traffic flow down Corvette Road on the IT side of the school. I am not sure what was more rewarding, the freshness of the lightly falling rain, the interaction with the little beings arriving at school or the amazingly smooth movement of the traffic during drop off time. All I know is I felt blessed to the max today.

Gratitude for the rain in a time of desperation with regards to the water crisis. Rogan walked past me and declared,”My prayers have been answered!”.  He then explained that he had been praying for rain and God had answered his prayers. How precious is that?



The sections of Corvette Road closest to the gates have been allocated to a “drop and go” space. It was heartwarming to see the parents mostly adhering to this measure put in place for the safety of the children. Not one car decided to go “upstream” and against the free flow. Thank you parents for your support. To the rude and belligerent father who swore at our facilitators doing their morning duty yesterday because they requested he not drive against the traffic and cause a serious backlog, I trust that with time you will embrace our ethos at SVPS and learn to respect your fellow man. To the 99.9% of our parent body who are supportive and respectful, THANK YOU!

Some other gems in the form of comments from the pupils walking past me:

Me: Isn’t this rain lovely? Response: Yes, especially for the plants.

Me: Why do you look so stressed? Response:  I am not stressed, my mother is! (unbeknown to her, her mom’s stress was visible on her countenance)

Me: Hi, is mommy home from hospital yet? Response: Yes, but home has been grumpy ever since!

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